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Our Leadership Program Includes High-Level Instruction For Competitions And More!

Is your child ready to take their martial arts training to the next level? Then we've got the answer for you here at Pettis Martial Arts in St. Francis. Our Leadership Program is a high-level Kids Martial Arts class that is reserved for our Black Belt Club students who want to compete or take on extreme martial arts and weapons-based training. 

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St. Francis Kids Martial Arts

What's Included In Our Leadership Program?

This system is designed to provide our most accomplished students with an opportunity to stay challenged and see how they stack up against the best martial artists in the area.

Our Leadership Program is the perfect way for Black Belt students to prepare for the competition setting and learn what it takes to be more efficient and effective in every movement. At Pettis Martial Arts, your child can enjoy professional coaching and a friendly environment where they'll never feel intimidated. 

We're offering students across St. Francis and South Milwaukee:

  • Sport-style training for the competition setting
  • Real-world self-defense and bully prevention skills
  • Weapons-based strategies for any situation 
  • Extreme martial arts movements for a total-body challenge

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At Pettis Martial Arts, we're committed to meeting the needs of students all across St. Francis and South Milwaukee. We're offering students a proven process to help them master the skills of martial arts and feel great about themselves along the way.

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